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2021 to become a year of growth for Tauralp Group

Due to the Pandemic related export restrictions for pharmaceuticals last year has been under expectations regarding export to CIS countries.
We have succesfully focussed on our domestic markets and have increased our product portfolio.
The group has increased the revenues the 3rd year in a row as well as the profitability. To increase the value of our production facilities
Is permanently our focus and soon we will be able to produce medical devices and medicines in ampoules and vials.
We have already strengthened our logistic capabilities and have already started implementing two logistic hubs in 2021.
Our strategical move to enter UK and EU as new markets has reached important steps and pays out improving production load and revenues.
Management will strengthen our research & development and regulatory affairs department and sales structure this year.

Board of Tauralp Pharm Holding AG,
Rainer Alzinger, President, Romeo Ungureanu Vice President


Tauralp Group has managed the operational business in the 2nd Quarter quite well and doubled the seasonal revenues

compared with the last year.  Exports to CIS countries have been reduced due to sinking demand, but a strong growth in the markets Romania dn Moldova have compensated that by far. Tauralp has developed and registered a wide range of desinfection products such like surface desinfection, handwash gels and others.

Beeing a systemically relevant player Tauralp collaborates tight with both governments of Romania and Moldova In this Pandemic crisis. Tauralp could keep the export volume to the CIS markets and expects growing demand in the next quarters.

While most of the global economies and businesses are severely  suffering Tauralp group has reached a significant growth throughout the Pandemic crisis based on a flexible product strategy and the strong demand in marktets of Pharmaveutical, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics and desinfectant products.

Tauralp is proud to announce the set in force of the first partnership agreement for the markets Ireland & UK for the full product portfolio.

This is a very important step to export our product portfolio to the quite attractive markets Ireland & UK. Registering processes have already been completed and first orders have been received.

By this important step the Tauralp Group spreads it`s market presence to UK and the EU.

Board of Tauralp Pharm Holding AG, Rainer Alzinger, President



Tauralp Pharm Holding comments on the Group's operating business in the first quarter of 2020 as follows:

The planned growth and efforts to expand the product portfolio could be achieved very satisfactorily and is expected to develop very well for the whole year.

The pandemic measures that are starting will have an impact on the management of the group, travel will be restricted and video conferences will be increasingly used as an alternative.

Tauralp is concerned about announced export bans for pharmaceutical products in markets outside the European Union.

The subsidiary in Romania ASEPT Laboratories is one of the 15 largest cosmetics manufacturers in Romania in terms of sales volume and should reach a position among the 10 largest players in 2020 due to the planned growth.

Board of Tauralp Pharm Holding AG, Rainer Alzinger, President


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